Hot News: HOSTAGES SYDNEY SIEGE Islamic terrorist ISIS FLAG Australia

Breaking News: HOSTAGES SYDNEY SIEGE Islamic terrorist ISIS FLAG Australia

Police did not know exactly how many people are held hostage, but their number is less than 30

Five hostages have been spotted running out of a central Sydney cafe six hours after a terrorist armed with a gun took dozens of people hostage and forced crying women to hold a black Islamic flag up to the window.

A gunman holding hostages in a Sydney cafe is said to be demanding an ISIS flag and a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

The reported demands emerged after five hostages managed to flee the building, leaving an unknown number of people still trapped inside.

The gunman's requests were made through hostages who contacted several media organizations.

Australian Muslim leaders condemn the hostage taking as "a criminal act"

HOSTAGES SYDNEY SIEGE Islamic terrorist ISIS FLAG Australia The hostages appeared to include staff and customers who were taken captive as commuters were heading to work on Monday morning in the Martin Place area, where big institutions like the Reserve Bank of Australia are located.
hot news HOSTAGES SYDNEY SIEGE Islamic terrorist ISIS FLAG Australia

One employee of the cafe who was due to work a later shift Monday said she was deeply shaken when she saw footage of some of her colleagues pressed against the window.

The police said at a news conference that they did not know whether the five hostages had been let go or escaped. The deputy police commissioner, Catherine Burn, said that the police had made contact with the armed person inside the cafe, and that they were working to resolve the standoff “peacefully.”

HOSTAGES SYDNEY SIEGE Islamic terrorist ISIS FLAG Andrew Scipione, the commissioner of the New South Wales police, said at a news briefing that an unknown number of hostages were being held in the cafe by a single armed person.


UPDATE : Two more hostages managed to escape from the cafe, according It's about two women who seem to be engaged in the cafe.

UPDATE: Three people ran out of the café in Sydney, where an armed man held hostage more months and it was held an Islamic flag, according to images broadcast by local television.

The hostages appeared to have walked out a side door of the cafe began ago six hours, taking hostages.

Australia decided in September to join the international coalition led by the United States in the fight against the terrorist group "Islamic State". In recent months, the Australian government has increased the alert on possible terrorist threats.