"Ya Bish” Urban Dictionary versuri Money Trees - Kendrick Lamar

"Ya Bish” este un termen SLANG inventat de Kendrick Lamar  in single-ul Money Trees.

Ya Bish este o afirmatie. O consolidare pozitiva a expresiei "tryna get it",  in primele versuri  linie ale  melodiei Money Trees.

Kendrick Lamar  nu a inventat el expresia Ya Bish ca un termen argotic

In schimb piesa lui "Money Trees " a adus in prim planul social media expresia "Ya Bish”

Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees Ya Bish Urban Dictionary

Versuri Money Trees -  Kendrick Lamar

Me and my niggas trying to get it, ya bish
Hit the house lick tell me is you with it, ya bish
Home invasion was persuasive
From nine to five I know it's vacant, ya bish
Dreams of living life like rappers do
Back when condom wrappers wasn't cool
I fucked Sherane then went to tell my bros
Then Usher Raymond Let it Burn came on
Hot sauce all in our Top Ramen, ya bish
Park the car then we start rhyming, ya bish
The only thing we had to free our mind
Then freeze that verse when we see dollar signs
You looking like an easy come up, ya bish
A silver spoon I know you come from, ya bish
And that's a lifestyle that we never knew
Go at a reverend for the revenue...