VENEZUELA 2019: Coup, OperacionLibertad, Maduro, Guaido - “We want freedom!”

#OperacionLibertad News: Interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, called for a military uprising on April 30, 2019, in a video shot at a Caracas air base that showed him surrounded by soldiers and accompanied by detained activist Leopoldo López.

The dramatic events began early Tuesday when Guaidó, flanked by a few dozen national guardsmen and some armored vehicles, released a three-minute video filmed near a Caracas air base in which he called on civilians and others in the armed forces to join a final push to topple Maduro.

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Omar Adolfo Zares Sanchez, a lawyer and politician, suggested citizens could have combated the Maduro regime much sooner if they had access to guns.

Without a doubt, if there had been a balance of armed defense we could have stood up and stopped the oppression at the beginning,” he said. “But there is too much anarchy on the streets now. Making guns easier for anybody to buy now would start a civil war.”

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Emotion: Joy
Author: @THansarayli
Content: This is how actually imprisonments, oppression starts: “We want freedom!”. These useful idiots just ignore ballot-box, rule of democracy and support coup , rape the democratic will of majority #venezuela 

Emotion: Joy
Author: @latimes
Content: Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó took to the streets Tuesday with detained activist Leopoldo Lopez and a small contingent of heavily armed soldiers in a military uprising.

We salute the courage of those supporting #OperacionLibertad in #Venezuela. 

They are standing up for a peaceful return to democracy by upholding the constitution. The U.S. and the world is watching closely. The time for Venezuela’s liberty is now