Alina Kovalevskaya Says She Hasn't Had Plastic Surgery - Alina Kovalevskaya Barbie Girl Cute Origin Ukraine

It’s now time for another Ukrainian real-life doll to take center stage – meet 20-year-old Alina Kovaleskaya.

Named Alina Kovaleskaya, the 20-year-old woman is as convincing and startling as any who’ve come before, though she insists there’s a key difference.

Alina Kovaleskaya comes from the same city of Odessa in Ukraine as Valeria (and Anastasiya) and has recently been garnering much attention after uploading a series of photos of herself looking very much… well, plastic.

Alina Kovaleskaya is claiming that she resembles a doll naturally, though it’s obvious that she’s using at least some make-up.
alina kovaleskaya instagram photos

In fact, there are even accusations of Photoshop trickery flying around, though that could just be the result of some jealous rivals for all we know.

A student of psychology and social work at Odessa University, Alina Kovaleskaya says that she adopted her look about 18 months ago after seeing "some pictures of ball-jointed dolls." Their wide-eyed look inspired her to buy contact lenses that made her eyes look bigger, she says.

Although accused of being yet another clone of the internationally-famous Valeria Lukyanova, Alina Kovaleskaya, however, claims to be different from all other Barbie imitators.
alina kovaleskaya facebook photo
Alina Kovaleskaya says she resembles the popular doll naturally, with her big eyes, small nose and small plump her lips.

And yet it’s obvious she uses tons of makeup to enhance her features, just like every other human doll we’ve ever features, from KotaKoti to Vanilla Chamu.